Township 9 Roundabout Design

Sacramento, CA - (2014)

Traffic Works has recently completed a roundabout design, including signing and striping for the Township 9 North 6th, Cannery, and Chill Improvement Plan. Traffic Works developed preliminary roundabout geometric layout based on design volumes and then refined the design to assure proper travel speeds, adequate maneuvering of design vehicles, pedestrian and bicycle accommodations, and conformity with roundabout design best practices.  Traffic Works also prepared a complete roundabout signing and striping plan, establishing the lane lines, legends, crosswalks, and all other signing and striping features within the roundabout. Signing and striping conformed to both Caltran’s and City of Sacramento standard specifications.

Traffic Works prepared exhibits documenting fastest path, sight distance requirements, truck turn templates, and landscaping limitations for the roundabout.