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Traffic Works Now Offers Forensic Services

Traffic Works is proud to announce the addition of Forensic Services to our long list of services offered to our clients in both California and Nevada.  Spearheading this new service line will be Matthew Manjarrez, PE, and Allen Bourgeois, PE.  As new hires to the Traffic Works team they will bring over 35 years of combined experience in engineering and years of experience in providing qualified testimony, depositions, and written declarations in support of their clients’ motions before the court.  They both serve as technical experts in various legal matters involving vehicular, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian safety issues.  Matthew and Allen have both qualified as highway design and traffic engineering experts and testified in this capacity in courts throughout the State of California.  Additionally, both Matthew and Allen are highly skilled at performing technical evaluations of freeways, interchanges, local roadways, bikeways, and parking lots to determine if these transportation infrastructure elements have been reasonably and appropriately designed and operated. 

Technical areas in which Matthew and Allen have testified include:

Matthew Manjarrez (left) and Allen Bourgeois (right) are highly experienced at providing expert testimony, depositions, and written declarations on a wide array of engineering technical areas.

  • Sight Distance
  • Pavement Delineation; Signage
  • Crosswalk Location & Warnings
  • Intersection Layout & Design
  • Traffic Signal Timing & Operation
  • Pedestrian Clearance Time
  • Yellow & All-Red Time
  • Bikeway Facilities
  • School Area Traffic Control
  • Collision History
  • Median Barrier
  • Embankment Guardrail
  • Traffic Signal Railroad Preemption
  • Light Rail on Surface Streets
  • Curve Warning Signage
  • Construction Area Traffic Control
  • Parking Lot Layout & Pedestrian Accommodation
  • Parking Garage Geometric Characteristics
  • Pavement Conditions
  • Access Management
  • Speed Limits
  • Design Standards & Guidelines (MUTCD, Highway Design Manual, AASHTO)
  • Traffic Engineering Implications of the California Vehicle Code