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Oroville SR 162 Pedestrian/Bicyclist/Disabled Mobility and Safety Improvements

Building off of our recently completed work for the City of Oroville to create the SR 162 Corridor Plan, Traffic Works provided added value to its client by preparing a winning implementation project funding application to the Caltrans statewide Active Transportation Program (ATP). The proposed project, now being recommended by ATP staff for nearly $3.5 Million in State funding, will retrofit and enhance the State’s right-of-way to make it function less like a congested, urban arterial roadway and more like a pedestrian and bicyclist-friendly “Main Street”. To the relief of all involved, Traffic Works consulted strategically with City staff, project stakeholders and the regional MPO sponser (BCAG) to make the project visioning and information-gathering as pain-free as possible, and independently produced the application content in the required ATP format. Having successfully justified the requested funding to transform Oro Dam Boulevard and Olive Highway, the two important thoroughfares comprising SR 162 in the heart of Oroville will undergo the following “active” (non-motorized) transportation connectivity and safety enhancements:

  • Closing 11 sidewalk, 7 street lighting, and 4 bike lane gaps
  • 1 multi-use trail connection
  • 1 mid-block crosswalk enhancement
  • 9 pedestrian/disabled barrier-free ramps at existing intersections
  • 40 crosswalk upgrades at 10 corridor signalized intersections
  • 4 new crosswalks and 2 pedestrian-activated hybrid (“H.A.W.K.”) crossing signal 

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