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Traffic Works Educates and Gets Educated in Spring

In the ever changing world of transportation planning and traffic engineering, it is important to stay abreast of new techniques, concepts, and best practices while also sharing knowledge with peers so that the engineering and planning communities can grow as a whole.  This spring, Traffic Works both shared knowledge with peers and learned from them at two separate conferences.  

Firstly, Loren Chilson attended the 4th International Conference on Roundabouts sponsored by the TRB Committee on Roundabouts and supported by the Federal Highway Administration in Seattle, WA.  This three day conference brought together experts from around the world to learn from each other through breakout sessions and lectures about different techniques and practices to utilizing and applying the advantages of roundabouts throughout the world.  Some of these which were discussed include best practices for accommodating bicycles and pedestrians, flower roundabouts, Turbo roundabouts, and Turbo Square Roundabouts

In May, Project Manager Robert Acevedo represented Traffic Works at the ITE Intermountain 2014 Conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming by presenting the benefits and best practices of bicycle and pedestrian data collection programs.  Taking his experience from managing the Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Wheelchair Data Collection Program for the Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County, Robert shared how the large swaths of data collected about bicycling and pedestrian activity throughout a community can help shape policy, gauge success of past projects, and be leveraged to apply for grants.