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Nevada Officially Licenses Google Driverless Car

Do you dream of the day when you can valet your car without having to valet your car?  Arrive at your destination and simply get out of your car and tell it to go park itself. Oh and  the drive over you were merely a passenger while your vehicle navigated the roadways for you.  Well, that day may not be as far off as some may think.  Nevada recently licensed Google Driverless carsso that Google can test their driverless technology in Nevada. According to Anthony Levandowski, Google Project Manager, there is a high probability that Nevada will be the first state to see the sale and use of driverless cares by the traveling public and within the next 4 years. 
Google announced that their driverless car has logged 300,000 test miles on public roadways without any crashes. However, they do recognize that they have a long way to go before the driverless car is a reality. There are many situations that a driver encounters such as snowy/icy conditions, temporary road closures and construction that the driverless car cannot deal with at this time. They are still 2 years away from having a car that is completely driverless and so far legislation, for Nevada anyway, is requiring 2 people to be in the car in the driver seat and passenger seat while the vehicle is operating on public roads.