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Downtown Reno Roundabout at Arlington and California

Spurred by interest from the local community, Traffic Works has developed a conceptual Roundabout design for the Arlington Ave/California Ave intersection in downtown Reno. Cathexes, a local architectural firm, took interest in revitalizing the Reno downtown core to help promote a more livable community. Cathexes approached Traffic Works with the idea of implementing a roundabout at the existing Arlington Ave/ California Ave signalized intersection. Traffic Works developed a concept design based on their familiarity with the intersection and their expertise in roundabout design. Pictured below is the conceptual design. A roundabout at this location could help reduce delay for vehicles by keeping a constant flow through the intersection as well as promote a more walkable community. This intersection serves as a gateway to the downtown area and a roundabout provides opportunity to create a unique and functional transition from primarily residential to the downtown commercial core. The design is purely conceptual at this time and there is no plan for future implementation but support for the project is growing.