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Traffic Works 2018 Summit!

The staff at Traffic Works took a day off from the office and went on a team-building snowshoeing adventure up to Incline Peak in Tahoe! The climb from the base to the peak took approximately three hours and an additional two hours to get back to the bottom. The sight on top of Incline Peak overlooked Lake Tahoe and was absolutely stunning! Traffic Works looks forward to take advantage of the outdoors and team-building exercises to create a positive workplace atmosphere.

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Traffic Works Hires Associate Transportation Engineer!

Traffic Works is proud to announce the addition of Marissa Harned, PE. She joins Traffic Works as an Associate Transportation Engineer. 

Marissa is a graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno with a BS in Civil Engineering and has 9 years of experience in the industry with work experience in California and Nevada. She specializes in traffic impact studies and environmental impact reports, traffic operations analysis and simulation, multi-modal operations analysis, transportation master planning, bicycle and pedestrian planning, traffic signal coordination/synchronization, and project management. Marissa is highly motivated and takes pride in the work she produces.

Oroville SR 162 Pedestrian/Bicyclist/Disabled Mobility and Safety Improvements

Building off of our recently completed work for the City of Oroville to create the SR 162 Corridor Plan, Traffic Works provided added value to its client by preparing a winning implementation project funding application to the Caltrans statewide Active Transportation Program (ATP). The proposed project, now being recommended by ATP staff for nearly $3.5 Million in State funding, will retrofit and enhance the State’s right-of-way to make it function less like a congested, urban arterial roadway and more like a pedestrian and bicyclist-friendly “Main Street”. To the relief of all involved, Traffic Works consulted strategically with City staff, project stakeholders and the regional MPO sponser (BCAG) to make the project visioning and information-gathering as pain-free as possible, and independently produced the application content in the required ATP format. Having successfully justified the requested funding to transform Oro Dam Boulevard and Olive Highway, the two important thoroughfares comprising SR 162 in the heart of Oroville will undergo the following “active” (non-motorized) transportation connectivity and safety enhancements:

  • Closing 11 sidewalk, 7 street lighting, and 4 bike lane gaps
  • 1 multi-use trail connection
  • 1 mid-block crosswalk enhancement
  • 9 pedestrian/disabled barrier-free ramps at existing intersections
  • 40 crosswalk upgrades at 10 corridor signalized intersections
  • 4 new crosswalks and 2 pedestrian-activated hybrid (“H.A.W.K.”) crossing signal 

Link to related article in the Chico-Enterprise-Record:

Traffic Works Now Offers Forensic Services

Traffic Works is proud to announce the addition of Forensic Services to our long list of services offered to our clients in both California and Nevada.  Spearheading this new service line will be Matthew Manjarrez, PE, and Allen Bourgeois, PE.  As new hires to the Traffic Works team they will bring over 35 years of combined experience in engineering and years of experience in providing qualified testimony, depositions, and written declarations in support of their clients’ motions before the court.  They both serve as technical experts in various legal matters involving vehicular, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian safety issues.  Matthew and Allen have both qualified as highway design and traffic engineering experts and testified in this capacity in courts throughout the State of California.  Additionally, both Matthew and Allen are highly skilled at performing technical evaluations of freeways, interchanges, local roadways, bikeways, and parking lots to determine if these transportation infrastructure elements have been reasonably and appropriately designed and operated. 

Technical areas in which Matthew and Allen have testified include:

Matthew Manjarrez (left) and Allen Bourgeois (right) are highly experienced at providing expert testimony, depositions, and written declarations on a wide array of engineering technical areas.

  • Sight Distance
  • Pavement Delineation; Signage
  • Crosswalk Location & Warnings
  • Intersection Layout & Design
  • Traffic Signal Timing & Operation
  • Pedestrian Clearance Time
  • Yellow & All-Red Time
  • Bikeway Facilities
  • School Area Traffic Control
  • Collision History
  • Median Barrier
  • Embankment Guardrail
  • Traffic Signal Railroad Preemption
  • Light Rail on Surface Streets
  • Curve Warning Signage
  • Construction Area Traffic Control
  • Parking Lot Layout & Pedestrian Accommodation
  • Parking Garage Geometric Characteristics
  • Pavement Conditions
  • Access Management
  • Speed Limits
  • Design Standards & Guidelines (MUTCD, Highway Design Manual, AASHTO)
  • Traffic Engineering Implications of the California Vehicle Code

Traffic Works is a proud sponsor of RTC FREE Safe Rides this Saint Patrick's Day in Reno!


Drunk driving is one of the most unacceptable, yet overlooked, behaviors in the modern era. NDOT reports that there have been a total of 5 alcohol related traffic fatalities since February 26, 2016. In an effort to reduce the number of alcohol related fatalities and injuries on Nevada’s roads, RTC Washoe will offer free transit service on Saint Patrick’s Day, March 17th, from 4pm to midnight on all regularly scheduled transit services through the FREE Safe Ride Program.  Additionally, the downtown circulator bus, SIERRA SPIRIT, will have extended hours. This is the 13th year of the FREE Safe Ride Program and Traffic Works is proud to be a sponsor of this great event.  The program encourages safe driving and reminds the public to never drive impaired.

For more information on this event and for transit schedule please click here.  

Traffic Works opens new office in Folsom, CA

Traffic Works is continuing to grow in size and we have recently opened a new office location in Folsom, CA which will help us to better serve Northern California and the greater Sacramento area.  Our new Folsom office will continue to provide the high-quality services which our clients have come to expect over the past six years.  Included in these services are Traffic Signal Design, Travel Demand Modeling, Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning, Multi-Modal Data Collection, Roadway Design, Active Transportation Program grants, Corridor Studies, and Traffic Impact Studies.

Our new office will be located at 400 Plaza Drive, Suite 145, Folsom, CA 95630 and we can be reached here at (916) 242-8990.   


Caltrans Issues Separated Bikeway Design Guidelines

As a final act of 2015, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) Division of Design issued guidelines for Separated Bikeways/Cycle Tracks (Design Information Bulletin #89).  These guidelines will help cities and agencies throughout California begin to develop networks of elite bikeways which help to encourage new cyclists to ride.  Separated Bikeways, also called Cycle Tracks or Dutch Intersections, have been used extensively in European countries for decades and are held up by bicycle advocates as the best design to ensure safety for cyclists and through that safety, encourage new riders to begin to cycle.  While this form of bicycle infrastructure has existed across the pond for many years, this design concept is just beginning to take hold in the United States.  In 2015, the first protected intersection in the US was constructed in Davis, CA and was followed closely by the construction of the second protected intersection in Salt Lake City, UT.  Austin, TX gained their first protected intersection as part of a new development and Boston, MA has plans to construct a protected intersection on Commonwealth Avenue.

This design concept makes bicycling and walking safer at intersections and creates a more attractive bicycling environment for new riders.  With this design getting the green light from Caltrans and other agencies, it will surely begin to appear in more and more cities across the country. 


Protected Intersection Concept on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, MA

Protected Intersection in Salt Lake City, UT

Caltrans Protected Intersection Design Guideline (Design Guideline #89)

 Protected Intersection in Davis, CA

Protected Intersection in Davis, CA

 Protected Intersection in Austin, TX

Protected Intersection in Austin, TX

For more information about Protected Intersections, view this video.   

4th & Prater BRT Project Wins FTA Award for Planning Excellence!

Last week the Federal Transit Administration released the biennial Transportation Planning Excellence Awards for 2015 and included among the projects was the 4th Street / Prater Way Bus RAPID Transit Project.  Among many other partners, Traffic Works has been involved in this project since 2012 and is currently working on the final signal designs for the project.  We were proud to be part of such an outstanding team and are honored to have had the chance to participate in such an important and influential project for the Reno-Sparks area.  This project will help connect downtown Reno with Sparks through enhanced zero-emission bus rapid transit service, accessible sidewalks, and bike lanes. In addition to improving transit service and bicycle connectivity, the 4th & Prater BRT project is expected to spur economic development in a part of town where 59 percent of households are below $20,000.  This project was funded through a Federal TIGER grant of $16 million and will begin construction in 2016. For more information, visit the FHWA website

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Bike Washoe - Bike to Work Week!! May 9 - 15

Cycling season may have been year around this year but now with May upon us it is in full swing and that means it is time to start biking to school and work.  To kick this off National Bike to School day will occur on May 6th and National Bike to Work Day this year will be May 15th.  Julie D. Hunter of the Air Quality Management Division of the Washoe County Health District, coming off a successful Bike to Work Week last year, is at it again and is organizing events adding many fun new ways to get involved.  She is especially excited for the Mayoral Challenge this year!! So please dust of your bikes and take part in the fun. 

For more information and to register follow the link below.