Safe Routes to School

Ensuring that children have safe and convenient routes to walk and bike to school encourages walking and cycling year round.  Safe Routes to School programs provide many benefits including enhanced health in children, improved academic performance, and easing of traffic congestion and air-quality around schools.  Many Safe Routes to School Programs include the 5 E's: Education, Encouragement, Engineering, Enforcement, and Evaluation.  Traffic Works adheres closely to these core values of the Safe Routes to School Program and has developed strategies for increasing the number of children walking and cycling at numerous schools.  

Creating programs designed to encourage walking and cycling such as the "Golden Shoe" award, which is given to the class with the most number of children walking or cycling in a week, helps to make walking and cycling a fun competition while also teaching children about the many benefits of walking and cycling.  Pairing Encouragement and Education programs such as this with practical Engineering and Enforcement programs helps to ensure that walking and cycling will increase around the project school for years to come. 

Traffic Works has partnered with many schools and government agencies throughout California and Nevada to help create safer and more welcoming environments for children to walk and bike to school.  These projects include Del Norte County Safe Routes to School, Carson City School Zone Study, and Truckee-Dorchester Safe Routes to School.