Bicycle/Pedestrian/Wheelchair Data Collection Program

Reno-Sparks, NV - (2013 - 2015)

Since 2013, Traffic Works has been the prime consultant in administering a bike, pedestrian, and wheelchair data collection program for the Washoe County RTC.  The goal of this study is to collect accurate, reliable, and consistent data about the pedestrian and bicycle facility usage and volumes throughout the year in order to help track progress towards RTP goals, gauge the success of complete street facilities, and to better position for funding.  Traffic Works with input from RTC staff and stakeholder groups developed the program using the methodology that produced the highest accuracy and fulfilled the data needs of the RTC. Traffic Works staff lead stakeholder outreach meetings to determine the most appropriate benchmark locations to collect data at. Input from stakeholder groups coupled with additional criteria such as transit area, proposed project locations, recently constructed complete street projects, and popular cycling routes were used to develop the collection locations. A total of 38 locations were selected for observation. The data is collected using a video breakdown method due to the high level of accuracy and consistency this method allows for.  Counts are conducted four times a year to gain an understanding of seasonal variance in alternative travel modes.